About GM Group

The roots of GM Group of Companies date back to 1958, when Late Mr. G. Mallikarjunappa, Honourable Member of Parliament, Davangere, Karnataka, India laid the foundation of the Group. Started around 50 years back in Chitradurga district in Karnataka, India the group has since diversified into a wide variety of business areas.

GM Group is one of the most respected and renowned business houses of South India. The foundation of GM Group was laid in Bheemasamudra, Chitradurga district with G. Mallikarjunappa & Sons trading in Betel nut. The Group has now ventured into diversified businesses with major focus on sugar, mining, education, power generation, agro industries, finance, hospitality and retail.

Social service has always been at the core of GM Group’s vision. The Group has actively taken care of the social and economic growth of the community in the region. The focus spans around the over-all development of the society.

G. Mallikarjunappa, as a Member of Parliament, contributed to support and improve the social and economic conditions of people in the rural areas. During his tenure the district grew exponentially, one of his biggest contributions was setting up of small scale industries across villages and potential areas which not only reduced unemployment but changed the socio-economic scenario of the region as well.

Founders Quote


We are committed to following our founder’s guideline:

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence

About Us

GM group of companies was founded in 1958 by Late.Mr.G.Mallikarjunappa, Honorable Member of Parliament, Davangere, Karnataka, India. GM Group is a 40 Yr old Organization with its root in Chitradurga Dist. in Karnataka, India.

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