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About Founder

Late Mr. G. Mallikarjunappa

Founder of GM Group

Mr. G. Mallikarjunappa a strong visionary who believed in uplifting the society and people. His foresightedness can be well depicted by his ventures which span from agriculture and education to power.  c Mr. Mallikarjunappa was the Honourable Member of Parliament, from Davangere, Karnataka. The Group though is a family run organization but it has its deep roots in Chitradurga district, Karnataka. In the past five decades the group has ventured into mining, sugar industry, power, education, hospitality, banking and finance, import and export businesses.


Mr. G. Mallikarjunappa has been a visionary who believed in upgrading the standard of living of the people.His efforts and reforms to improve the socio-economic conditions of Davengere paid well with better employment opportunities and sustainable infrastructure to the people. The Group is committed to the growth of the region and has invested in education, and industries that can contribute to the growth of the district.


Mr Mallikarjunappa believed in providing to the people the following:


Education: The changing trend in the world of education and technology has impacted everyone’s life. It has also generated huge employment and growth potential in the job market as well. The Group has established Srishyla Educational Trust and GM Institute of Technology to shape the future of students and meet the growing demand of IT professionals.


Employment: To generate more employment opportunities and improve the economic scenario of the region the Group has initiated setting-up industries like sugarcane, power and banking. These industries are now the backbone of the district in terms of revenue and employment.


Assistance: The Group has initiated ventures that are based on agricultural products. This focus on agri-based industries has helped sustain the lives of the farmers in the region.


Power and Growth: Power is one of the key pre-requisite for any business, industry, region or nation. It is vital for its progress as well. The Group has invested in power generated by sugarcane waste and windmill to fulfil the areas and industry’s growing demand for power resources.

"Quality is never an accident. It is the result of planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence"

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