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GM Sugars & energy ltd.

GM Sugars & Energy Ltd. Is one the prestigious and amiable projects of GM Group.

The sugarcane processing facility here is one of the largest in the country and quantity of sugar crushed is 2500 tons per day.

GM Sugars & Energy Ltd. Has acquired the lease of the Karnataka Cooperative Sugar Factory (KCSF) Sangur, Haveri District in 2007 for a period of 32 years. The sugar factory is strategically located in Sangur (Haveri Dist) – middle of Karnataka, the zone is known for its high yield of sugarcane in the well irrigated belts of river Varada

The Group has taken initiatives to harness the full potential of sugarcane. The following are steps taken in this direction:

  • 178 Acres of land has been acquired for installation of Sugar Plant
  • Initial crushing capacity of sugar plant targeted at 2500 tons/day
  • Hiring the right skill and expertise to optimise production and cost. Currently around 400 experienced staff team up at GM Sugars & Energy Ltd.
  • Self-reliance on power - A cogeneration power plant with a capacity of  18 MW power is installed in the sugar factory. 
  • The factory consumes 4 MW of power and remaining 14 MW are exported or sold outside.

GM Sugars & Energy Ltd. has taken the KCSF on lease with the sole objective of running, maintaining and using the by-products to the optimum. Each and every domain involved to establish, operate, maintain, manage and manufacture is carefully supervised. The products and by-products - sugar, molasses, bagasse, ethanol, industrial alcohol & any other by-products through the sugar mill are well co-ordinated during the production, distribution and sale process. The generation, synchoronisation and distribution of power is controlled and executed under expert supervision.

The sugar mill is also complying with the production and waste management norms. The by-products and waste materials of the factory are properly treated before final sale or disposal.

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We are committed to following our founder’s guideline:

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence

About Us

GM group of companies was founded in 1958 by Late.Mr.G.Mallikarjunappa, Honorable Member of Parliament, Davangere, Karnataka, India. GM Group is a 40 Yr old Organization with its root in Chitradurga Dist. in Karnataka, India.

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