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GM Souharda Pattina Sahakari Niyamita

The Group has always been directed by the principal of caring and uplifting the society.  Sri G.M. Prasanna Kumar, Chairman of GM Group was pioneer in establishing GM Souharda Pattina Sahakari Niyamita, a Co-operative Bank in Bheemasamudhra, Chitradurga District.


Mr. Prasanna Kumar felt the need for a banking organisation for the people of the region wherein the public gets their banking needs served. The Bank would help the people deposit their savings and granting loans to those who need it for various development activities.


GM Souharda Pattina Sahakari Niyamita is one of the prominent and important urban Co-operative Banks in Bheemasamudhra. The bank has been founded and maintained to keep its services inline to the modern banks.


The banks premises are fully air conditioned and branch is fully computerised making the banking experience world class, faster and customer friendly. Apart from standard banking services the bank offers Safe Deposit Lockers to account holders and members at a reasonable annual rental.


For more information, please visit www.gmsouharda.org

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