GM Group participated in foreign Trade Fairs
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  • At Kenya Expo
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 Proposed Import & Export Business

GEM LABORATORIES PVT LTD has unparalleled experience in the exports of Fruit pulp, Slice. Jams, Jelly, Pickles, RTS, frozen products & Concentrates. We pride ourselves as a preferred supplier to many of the most reputed manufacturers of Fruit pulp, Ice Creams andDairy products across the globe. We intend to export to over 10 countries as commercial & consumer packs in our brands and private brands, covering Middle East, Europe, Far East, Canada and United States of America

Our strong packaging ensures that the products reach their destination without damage and pilferage. We practise stringent quality policies and standards that meet, and often exceed customer expectations.

Adherence to eco-friendly manufacturing and Distribution practices

GEM Laboratories Pvt Ltd is aiming to diversify its business in the following fields in the upcoming years.

Processed Foods

The Group has been associated with agro-industry and agro-products since its inception. It has setup a state-of-the-art plant with latest facilities and technology for production of Natural Extracts from herbs and fruits. The marketing and export of the Natural Extracts is managed by the Lab as well.

GEM LABORATORIES PVT LTD intends to process tropical fruits and vegetables, viz, mango slice/pulp/frozen/concentrate, guava pulp/concentrate, pomegranate concentrate/frozen, pineapple slices/titbits/frozen, tomato puree/concentrate, papaya pulp, banana pulp in in consumer and aseptic pack with their state of art technological built up processing units.

The fruits are purchased from the orchards and farms directly, subjected to processing further into pulp, concentrate, jams, juices etc., giving value addition to the fruits.

The Processed fruit pulp is packed into the OTS cans and aseptic packs kept in MS Drums. This process keeps shelf life of the pulp two years from the date of processing.

After products are packed, the same will be sent for domestic and international markets.