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  Tomato Puree and Tomato Paste:

Product description and usage:

Selected ripened Tomato fruits from farm fresh, orchards and yards are picked up. After grading, washing, subjected to normal processing wherein the juice separated from seeds and strained juice and concentrated to 3-5 folds to get tomato puree. Further concentration, the puree is converted in to the paste/concentrate etc. The refined

juice/puree/concentrate is packed in In OTS cans, by hermetically sealed, retorted and cooled. The paste/concentrate is also packed in bulk in aseptic bag in drum, stored in ambient temperature.


Tomato paste, puree and concentrates can be used as ketchup, sauces and in different cuisines.

Tomato Puree is rich source of vitamins C and vitamin A, antioxidants, lycopene pigment, enzymes and minerals with medicinal properties.